FREE ENERGY – Could you be getting more?

FREE ENERGY – Could you be getting more and when is enough really enough? Are you actually maximising the savings generated by your Solar System? Fed up with sleepless nights agonising over your sky rocketing power bills and, if you do have a system installed, are the savings as high as they can be? Meet Mrs

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Savings from the Sun – Solar Panel pay back times

Solar panel energy systems, in addition to immediately reducing your impact on the environment in a sustainable manner, serve as financially-viable, long-term investments. Though expensive to install, the system will ultimately ‘pay itself off’, saving you on energy bills every month as well as minimizing your carbon footprint. Once the system is set up and

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What’s Next for Solar Energy Industry with a New PM

After the falling of Tony Abbott, the mood among solar supporters to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has turned from despair to optimistic. In his triumphant speech after ousting Tony Abbott from the role of Prime Minister of Australia, new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stressed the requirement in seeking out a replacement direction to secure Australia’s future economic prosperity. Agility, disruption and innovation were the ideas he mentioned, in conjunction with the

solar energy system

Things To Know About Solar In WA

Things to consider before buying a solar energy system in Perth Perth has a very harsh climate; with extended periods of very high temperatures, strong winds, long periods without rain and, when it does rain, it can be extremely heavy. These conditions can be adverse for a solar energy system. If you want your solar

How To Read Your Electricity Meter

How to Read a Synergy Single Phase Meter For customers with a renewable energy system 1. Display Register The display shows all the meter readings recorded, including the readings for electricity consumed for the different tariff rates and exported electricity from your renewable energy system. 2. Serial Number (Meter Number) Each meter is assigned with