Specifications: 36kW Solar PV system, 138 x BenQ 260 Watt Panels, 1 x 10kW and 1 x 20 kW Fronius Sumo Inverters, North aspect

The Village Kitchen is a local, family owned manufacturer of both cook-chill and frozen portion control desserts, stewed and pureed fruits as well as a range of seasonal Christmas lines, based in Perth, Western Australia.
Installing Solar PV on this site had its challenges, not only did they have 2 separate meters, it had limited roof space with a number of air conditioner units and various other obstacles. The roof itself was constructed with an out dated clip lock system with no screws, so the design was very tricky. After much planning and number crunching, looking back on the previous years consumption on each meter we decided on a 10kW & 20kW Fronius Symo inverters connected to 138 x 260 Watt BenQ Polycrystalline panels on the Australian made Sunlock commercial mounting system in landscape. Our installers did a fantastic job fitting all panels with no shading issues.
Our client is very elated with the reduction in power bills, by over $14,000 per year and the system is running like a charm. Not only did The Village Kitchen receive $27,676 in Government incentives (STCs), they were also able to claim the GST (not to mention the tax write offs). The System is on track to pay for itself in less than 3 years.
Kevin, The Village Kitchen managing Director says its one of the best investments he has ever made and thinks all businesses should install Solar, even if they are leasing their building.
Perth businesses will benefit from solar, particularly business with refrigeration, & those open 7 days/week.
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About Craig Donohue

Established in 2010, Craig Donohue is the founder of Clean NRG Perth. He has always had a passion for sustainability. From an early age Craig has had a desire to reduce his carbon footprint and his electricity bills. The opportunity came up to start a Solar energy business and Craig has never looked back. With 30+ years experience in retail and B2B, he has an excellent understanding of the importance of superior customer service and has an excellent reputation in the industry. Craig has been employed by some of the world’s largest companies including Sanyo and Toshiba. He prides himself on an open door policy and is always available to meet with clients be it face to face or over the phone.