Solar Battery Storage – is it worth it and how not to get ripped off!

Recently we approached by a concerned customer who received a letter in their letter box titled: “Want to store and use your valuable solar energy at night”. Answer: Most people would of course shout ‘YES!’ from the roof tops, but here is where things start to smell a little fishy. The letter then proceeds to

Clean NRG offers competitive rates on Tesla battery cost

There is no need to look further when you are searching for good rates on Tesla battery cost because at Clean NRG, we offer a highly competitive tesla battery price. We are an authorized retailer for Tesla batteries so you can be assured that you will be getting the real deal The tesla battery cost

Tesla battery storage Perth

Battery storage payback times – the facts & figures

Craig Donohue, Managing Director Clean NRG Tesla’s Powerwall has reached Australian shores and we are taking calls every day from clients wanting to buy a solar PV system with batteries (or to install batteries to their current solar PV system). The Powerwall, a home battery system designed to store power generated from solar panels, has attracted

How batteries will change the solar power industry

According to a new report by the Climate Council, pairing solar panels with home battery storage will most likely be the most cost effective way to harness electricity within three years. The environmental not-for-profit council discovered that battery storage will “revolutionise” the way Australians access electricity, which will allow Australian homes to become more independent

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The real cost of Tesla’s Powerwall Battery Storage

Telsa’s Powerwall is a great concept – we love the idea of the massive potential of reducing electricity costs! But how long will it take to actually save you money based on the current cost of the unit and other related costs? The Powerwall promises to be available in two models, a 7kW or 10kW