Sun Power Panels Perth: A Highly Efficient Solar Power System

Sun power panels Perth is a name you can trust when it comes to solar panels. They have built a reputation of producing high quality products that will last years. That is why we are confident to add sun power panels Perth to our roster. Here at Clean NRG, we have a very strict product

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Not all Tier 1 panels live up to their name – beware – is your panel manufacturer financially stable and is your warranty going to last the test of time?

  Research is key. We care about our clients, not just now but in the future. This is why we urge our customers to research their panel manufacturer to gain some insight into their financial stability, yes their financial stability. Solar Panel So what is a Tier 1 solar panel? Evidentially it seems that the

Clean NRG & ‘Switch your thinking’ solar partnership

Switch your thinking has partnered with Clean NRG to offer home and business owners in Switch your thinking Council areas a 15% discount on solar installation and a 20% for businesses. The campaign promotes community energy efficiency, resource conservation and reduced green house gas emissions in the Perth Metropolitan area.  Residential Solar: Install a high quality solar

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Savings from the Sun – Solar Panel pay back times

Solar panel energy systems, in addition to immediately reducing your impact on the environment in a sustainable manner, serve as financially-viable, long-term investments. Though expensive to install, the system will ultimately ‘pay itself off’, saving you on energy bills every month as well as minimizing your carbon footprint. Once the system is set up and

Solar battery back up systems for Perth WA – available now!

It is with great excitement that we announce the Fronius 24 hours of sun battery back up system is finally here. Clean NRG is proud to be one of the first WA companies to offer it. We believe it to be one of the best and most versatile systems on the market, able to deliver over 4,500

Choosing the right sized solar panel system for your household

Choosing the right sized solar panel system for your household As solar panels don’t store power and you only get 1/3 of its value when it’s fed back, it is important that you choose the right solar panel system. The most efficient systems cover your sun time usage and feed some of it back into