Buyer Beware Telemarketing and Door Knocking by Solar Retailers in Perth

It is conceived within many industries, including the Solar industry, that door knocking and cold calling is not a reputable method of marketing. Clean NRG Solar has experienced an increase in the number of complaints about Solar companies telemarketing and door knocking on Perth doors. The problem with these forms of marketing is that they

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Things To Know About Solar In WA

Things to consider before buying a solar energy system in Perth Perth has a very harsh climate; with extended periods of very high temperatures, strong winds, long periods without rain and, when it does rain, it can be extremely heavy. These conditions can be adverse for a solar energy system. If you want your solar

5 Boxes To Tick When Choosing A Solar Company

These important questions will help you choose a solar company. Do they provide 24/7 after sale support? Will they ensure a CEC accredited Solar Designer/Electrician will attend every job? Are they a bricks and mortar exclusively Perth-based business with a combined showroom, office, warehouse and dispatch departments all under one roof? Do they have strict product

Our Feed In Tariff

Understanding Synergy’s feed-in tariff The feed-in tariffs can be tricky in Western Australia, with every state having different rules for installing solar. In WA there are many, and it’s important for your solar company to know these rules. It will save you time and money when buying a Solar PV system and considering partaking in