Solar For Business

Why Solar Power For Business Makes Sense In Perth

In business we are always looking at ways to add value to our products and services, we all want that competitive edge. Not only will your energy costs be less, you will be reducing your future expenses. Lower overheads = competitive advantage = added value.

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Why Should I Install Solar?

Perth is one of the best places in the world to install solar power systems for businesses, with so many sunny days it makes sense to go solar (dollars and cents) and if you use power while the sun is shining, it’s even better. That’s why so many Perth businesses are reaping the rewards of installing solar for their business, because not only are you saving thousands, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and getting green credentials with your clients. So you always remain in an advantageous position after installing solar power system for business.

Rebates won’t last forever

Get in while the rebates are still available. Thanks to our renewable energy target (RET), there are generous rebates still available of around $22,000 for our popular 39kW system.

Yes!! You get $22,000 of free money when you install a Clean NRG solar power business system, but who knows for how long these rebates will last.

Now businesses can pay for Solar Panels with their electricity bills

Because businesses pay more per unit for power and use a majority of power during the day, the return on investment (ROI) is amazing. Ask how you can pay for your Solar Panels with no out of pocket expenses.

10 % is a good ROI, 20% is better. How about a 30% ROI?

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