The Best Solar Panel Systems in Perth

Perth has so much sun with clear skies. Highest average sun hours of any capital city. Top 5 in the world making it one of the best places to install a solar high yields equals short payback times. With this incredible advantage, the option of setting solar pv on your roof is something that you should consider sooner than later.

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Consider This

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity — which means you don’t have to buy all your power from Synergy. Any excess power that your panels generate flows back into the electricity grid and you get paid for it.

Because you get credit for the solar power you produce, you pay less each month to Synergy. It’s not uncommon for a residential solar energy system to reduce monthly electricity costs by 60 per cent — or more! Imagine turning your $200/month bill into a $60/month bill for the next 20+ years… now that’s real solar power.

Some things to know about Solar PV Systems in Perth:

At Clean NRG Solar we pride ourselves on being the best solar panel provider and installation company for both commercial and residential properties in Perth.

Solar panels work best with clear exposure to the North, this is especially ideal for home or commercial solar panel systems.

However, solar panels may be installed facing northeast or northwest with only a slight reduction in performance. We can determine if your roof is good for solar panels and help you identify common issues, including:

  • Trees — while a little bit of shade is OK, too much shade can kill your project. We can check your property and see if nearby trees, buildings or other obstructions cast shade on your roof.
  • Orientation and size of the roof — some homes simply don’t have sufficient north-facing roof space to accommodate enough solar panels. In some cases, homeowners may opt to install the panels on their patio or shed.
  • Type of roof – We can install solar PV on virtually any Perth Roof. Tin, tile, flat or high pitch roofs costs vary.

What is the best solar panel for Perth?

Perth has a mild climate so frost is not a problem however we do have extreme heat for long periods and strong winds – something not found in much of Europe. At Clean NRG Solar we take many things into consideration before selecting our solar panels, inverters, and hardware. We make sure they suit our unique WA conditions and so does the company the supplies them. There are so many solar panels on the market.  It is hard to know which solar panel in Perth is best for you. We have selected and only use quality Tier 1 brands with strong Australian backup – brands like LG, Fronius, Risen, REC, Delta and SMA – strong, reputable companies that will be here for many years to come & provide best solar panels for Perth.

The inverter turns DC power into AC power for your home.

No solar PV power system is complete without an inverter which takes direct current from the solar panels and turns it into alternating current (AC). AC power is what we use every day to power our homes and businesses. Most commonly, the solar energy system’s inverter is centrally located, often near the home’s electrical panel. We prefer to put it in a place you walk past every day so you can check your system’s yield information.

For 2012, Synergy pays a 1 for 1 credit for all electricity consumed as it is produced and 7 cents/kW for excess power fed back to the grid so it makes sense to use your power while the sun is shining and save power when it’s not.

If you live in your own home, solar PV offers a great return on investment – up to 30%.
Solar panels and Inverters have never been cheaper…. It could be time for you to put a Clean NRG Solar PV energy system on your roof.

Over the last 12 months, the numbers have changed – the price of electricity has gone up and the price of solar panels and Inverters has come down. It now makes more sense than ever to install a Solar PV Energy System.

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Solar for Small Business makes good sense.

Whether you own your building or have a long-term lease, putting a Clean NRG Solar PV System on your business can have many benefits. Be amazed at the true ROI (Return on Investment).

We ensure the best solar power system installation in Perth

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