Clean NRG Solar  | Specialists for Solar Panels and Battery Storage in Perth

Clean NRG Solar are specialist installers of quality solar power systems and solar battery storage in Perth. As a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer and Tesla Authorised Reseller, we offer quality products, fixings and services.

Founded in 2010, Clean NRG provide a full design, sales and installation service for solar panels, solar battery storage, solar hot water, solar roof ventilation, solar pool heating that will considerably reduce your energy costs.

We are a proudly Perth owned and family run, award winning solar retailer. We are exclusive to Perth with a combined showroom, office and warehouse under one roof in Osborne Park.

The decision to purchase solar panels or a solar power system isn’t always easy. Our friendly staff will be with you all the way.

Taking care of all necessary approvals through to installation. We also offer excellent after care and support which we believe is important for customer confidence and reassurance for their new solar system.

We ensure everything is running smoothly, day after day. This includes “all system monitoring” as well as our unique “5 year whole of system warranty”. Giving your further piece of mind once the installation is completed.

Commercial Solar Power Systems in Perth

Electricity consumption is an ever increasing overhead that impacts your business. With energy prices constantly on the rise, along with the current economic climate, its the business owners responsibility to cut unnecessary costs wherever possible. At Clean NRG Solar we can design and install a custom made solar business proposal with your business in mind. Our commercial solar panel systems are developed with quality and fast return on investment in the forefront of our planning. Clean NRG Solar’s General Manager personally oversees all commercial installation projects. We deliver custom solutions to help you take control and significantly reduce your energy overheads.

Contact us for a obligation free proposal for your home or business today.

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