Our Products

Our strict product selection criterion not only protects our customers, it also protects our company.

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Before we consider any new product we ask the following questions:

  • Is the product proven to do what it says it does?
  • Is it from a major company with a solid background?
  • Is the product from the original manufacture, i.e. tier 1 (not rebadged)
  • Does the manufacture have an Australian presence?
  • Do they have local representation?
  • Does the warranty cover all cost including freight and re-installation?
  • Do they have a Perth warehouse which stocks this product?
  • Does it represent excellent value for money?
  • Is it backed with comprehensive product training?
  • Can we rely on the company for complete support throughout the life of the product?

If our suppliers can’t answer in a positive way to all these questions, we don’t sell the product. Unfortunately, our industry is full of false claims and backyard importers who are trying to make a quick buck. Our reputation and integrity relies on the products we sell. So for us, our product selection criteria means everything.

Clean NRG is proud to supply and install the worlds top brands of Solar panels, Inverters, mounting and components please click on the brand names and see for yourself.

Our Products

Our best brands and why we recommend them