Our New Name

As of the 1st of Feb 2012 Clean NRG Pty Ltd is no longer a franchised Planet Power Energy Store we now Trade as “Clean NRG sustainable energy solutions” our original company name.
Same Great People, Same Personal Service, Same address, Same telephone numbers, New Shop front, New email, New website, And now we can offer better prices on products better suited to Perth conditions, We are a fully West Australian owned and operated company, and proud of it. Please call into our store to find out how you can reduce your energy bills and do your bit to reduce greenhouse gas’s. The Coffee is always on…

About Craig Donohue

Established in 2010, Craig Donohue is the founder of Clean NRG Perth. He has always had a passion for sustainability. From an early age Craig has had a desire to reduce his carbon footprint and his electricity bills. The opportunity came up to start a Solar energy business and Craig has never looked back. With 30+ years experience in retail and B2B, he has an excellent understanding of the importance of superior customer service and has an excellent reputation in the industry. Craig has been employed by some of the world’s largest companies including Sanyo and Toshiba. He prides himself on an open door policy and is always available to meet with clients be it face to face or over the phone.

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