Our Installers don’t cut corners – peace of mind for Clean NRG Solar clientsThousands of homes around Australia are feeling very nervous following a national audit into Solar panels. According to research “potentially deadly issues” have been revealed, which affect around a quarter of Australian rooftop panels with a “severe to high risk to public safety”.But, Clean NRG Solar clients can rest easy, why? (we hear you ask). As Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers, we firmly believe “do the job once, and do it well”. We do not use “dodgy contractors” and would like to warn consumers about (as put in this report) the “dodgy and dangerous work” carried out by a hand full of dodgy installers around the country. Remember, “Good things aren’t cheap, and cheap things aren’t good”, so if you see a cheap price, be careful and do your research.

Becoming a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer requires signing the ‘Solar Retailer Code of Conduct’. This requires retailers undergoing a stringent selection criteria process and a thorough company audit. There are only 10 Perth based Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers. That’s 10 out of over 100 installers! It’s no mean feat joining this exclusive club and Clean NRG Solar are proud to be a part of it for the fourth year running. Any retailer can pay a membership fee to become a member, but becoming a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer is a different ball game.

At Clean NRG Solar, we pride ourselves in superior customer service and after-sale service, we hold your hand through the entire process and our Clean Energy Council Approved Installers are among the best in Perth. Earlier this year we announced Perth’s first Clean NRG Solar Performance Guarantee. We are so confident in your system’s performance that if your system fails to perform to the initial yield estimates, then we will refund the difference! Ask a friendly member of our team for more information. 

So why are we different?

Clean Energy Council Approved Installers backed up with Specialised Advanced Solar Installation Training

5 Star Google reviews

Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer and Member

High standard workmanship with attention to detail for each tailored design

Clean NRG Performance Guarantee 

Top quality components, cables, breakers and conduits

Each and every installation is monitored carefully and quality assured

All panels are installed according to our Custom Design Optimisationservice

Ongoing life time system monitoring with most Inverters

We believe… “A quality home deserves a quality install!”

“It’s great to see that consumers are becoming more educated with Solar PV purchases in Perth. There is no substitution for premium quality service and it is very likely that you will need to contact your Solar Retailer at some point during the lifespan of your Solar PV System. So we urge you to do your research before you join Perth’s Solar revolution.”

Craig Donohue, Managing Director, Clean NRG Solar


About Craig Donohue

Established in 2010, Craig Donohue is the founder of Clean NRG Perth. He has always had a passion for sustainability. From an early age Craig has had a desire to reduce his carbon footprint and his electricity bills. The opportunity came up to start a Solar energy business and Craig has never looked back. With 30+ years experience in retail and B2B, he has an excellent understanding of the importance of superior customer service and has an excellent reputation in the industry. Craig has been employed by some of the world’s largest companies including Sanyo and Toshiba. He prides himself on an open door policy and is always available to meet with clients be it face to face or over the phone.