High Quality LED Lights In Perth

High Quality LED Lights In Perth

LEDs can significantly reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gasses and other pollutants with a great financial rate of return. Talk to us about the best LED lightings for your Perth home or business.

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The Benefits of LED Lights

What are LEDs

LEDs are lights, lamps and bulbs that use electronic components called “Light Emitting Diodes” as their light source, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs which utilise a fragile and brittle metal filament. The light emitting diodes have no moving parts (they are “solid state”) but instead employ an electronic chip fully protected by a highly durable epoxy capsule.

Think Green

LED lights are green and green – a fiscally responsible environmental investment. They help save the planet – while keeping more green in your pocket.  Efficiency LEDs consume 50% to 90% less power than conventional light bulbs and last up to 50,000 hours, as opposed to 2,000 hours for incandescent and 7,000 hours for CFLs. Lower energy consumption and a longer life span mean significant savings in electricity bills, bulb replacement and operating costs.

Longevity and Durability

A life span of 50,000 hours means that if you are using the light an average of five (8) hours a day, you will not have to change that bulb for about 17 years. In addition, LED lights are extremely durable. They are built with sturdy components and do not contain fragile elements such as filaments or glass.


LEDs are made of recyclable components and do not contain mercury or any other toxic or hazardous materials. The long life span means that one LED light can save over 25 incandescent lights bulbs.

No UV & IR Radiation

LED’s only emit visible light and no UV or IR radiation. This makes it extremely safe for your skin or eyes in long-term exposure.


LEDs offer better light, with unnoticeable lumen deterioration. Additionally, with LEDs there is no buzzing or flickering, resulting in better work performance.


LEDs come in a variety of colours and do not require the use of inefficient filters. Our “warm white” bulbs produce a colour that is very similar to traditional incandescent light bulbs.


LEDs convert energy to light instead of heat. As a result, they produce up to 90% less heat than incandescent lights. LEDs run cool to the touch, significantly reducing the risk of fires or burns. LEDs produce an average of approximately 3.5 btu/hour, as opposed to 90 btu/hr for an incandescent light bulb. Less heat means lower air conditioning costs and a reduction of spoiled goods.

Shock Proof

LED’s are solid-state lighting. This means they do not comprise of any delicate suspended components or gas filled globes. They are much more likely to survive a drop in comparison to a halogen, fluorescent or incandescent.

In summary: LEDs can significantly reduce your energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gasses and other pollutants, save you labour costs, reduce cooling costs and improve productivity – all of this with a great financial rate of return.

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