Sign the petition for the WA Battery Storage Rebate!
Green News l August 2019 l Winter Edition
Burgo invited Craig Donohue, Managing Director of Clean NRG Solar to talk with him LIVE on 6iX. The hot topic? Solar battery storage. More specifically, the battery storage rebate and why it has not yet made it to our state in W.A? 
Burgo’s first and most pressing question of this interview was: “Why are West Aussies left out of the battery storage rebate?”… and rightly so. To put it simply this is not fair and it is time we were included! 
So Clean NRG Solar have started a petition! Together we can make a difference and finally bring the solar battery storage rebate to W.A.
But why do we need it? In Craig’s words, “To smooth the grid. There’s a lot of power going through the grid during the day, giving Western Power a world of headache”. Solar battery storage will take away the struggle on our grid… and our power bills. We don’t want a repeat of what happened a few years back in South Australia! 
Enough is enough WA!
Join us by signing this petition to help reach 700 signatures to bring the 
battery storage rebate to WA 
We deserve it! Thank you for your support!
Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?
To celebrate another premium installation at “The Hen” in the picturesque Swan Valley, Clean NRG Solar and the award-winning Henley Brook are shouting lunch for you and five of your workmates!

Just Like both the Clean NRG Solar and The Hen Facebook pages and complete the form to enter the competition to tell us why your company should go Solar!

Oh and if you win you might want to invite the Boss!

Why warm up with a heat pump?

A heat pump is a unique way to utilise renewable energy to heat your homes’s water while saving thousands on your hot water bills!
Why choose a heat pump?
1 Heat pumps use approximately one third of the energy than an electric heater and even less if combined with solar panels!
2 No roof space or panels required
3 Government rebates still available!
Clean NRG Solar’s Top 10 Energy saving tips & tricks
There’s more you can do in your home and in day-to-day life to save energy and make a difference. 
Click here for some energy-saving tips and tricks to help save our planet and your power bills!
Award-winning German WA based storage manufacturer
Clean NRG Partners with multi award winning German WA based storage manufacturer, offering the highest warranty on the market.
Fed up of wasting your excess solar energy? Claim your energy independence today!
SENEC have been leading the German storage market for over a decade in Europe, and are now bringing their intelligent systems to Australia. As the only storage manufacturer with a HQ here in Perth, they’ve teamed up with local companies to bring energy independence to the masses. Say goodbye to energy bills, for less than a cup of coffee per day…
Contact us for a in-home assessment to discover which battery storage solution is best for you and your home Ph: 9244 9200. 
Senec Battery Storage System………………………….……………  FROM $9,999   
(Including installation)
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WIN! $3,000 towards a sustainable solution of your choice!! 
To celebrate National Science Week we have teamed up with Switch your thinking to give you the chance to win a $3,000 voucher towards solar panels, a heat pump hot water system or battery storage. 
You can pick up an entry form at Switch your thinking events in August or enter online. 
Craig on the WA Battery Rebate campaign trail

This morning, representing Clean NRG Solar, Craig met with Hon Bill Johnson MLA to discuss bringing the WA Battery Storage rebate to Perth homes. 
If you would like to support the cause to help bring the Battery Rebate to our state, please contact Bill Johnston’s office: [email protected]  
Or sign our petition… Every little bit helps!
Craig’s meeting was very timely with, of all of things, a Climate Change protest held outside of Parliament House coinciding  with Craig’s meeting with the Minister!
Clean NRG Solar Events Calendar 

Upcoming event dates:
August 21st – Switch your thinking
Speed date a sustainability expert
September 17th – City of Canning
Battery Storage workshop
October 31st – Town of Cambridge
Battery Storage/EV Workshop