As a “Tesla Authorised Reseller”, we are taking calls every day from clients enquiring about The Tesla Powerwall.

The Powerwall, a home battery system designed to store power generated from solar panels, has attracted a “cult-like following”.

Battery storage FAQ’s

Q: “I want batteries so when there is a blackout I’ll still have power?”

A: Most modern battery systems need the grid to operate. Without expensive add on and re-wiring.

Q: “I would like to completely disconnect from the power company”

A: Again, most modern battery back up systems need the grid to operate.

Q: “I want to run my air-con at night with my stored battery power”

A: The maximum output at any one time of the Tesla battery is 2000watts (steady supply). Most air-cons will exceed that figure, for example a ducted air-con will draw around 6,000 to 10,000watts.

How much will it save annually (best case scenario)

Example 1:  5kW solar PV system + Tesla Battery

Being modest with our figures, lets say you have a 5kW solar PV system (facing north with no shade) with a Tesla battery, 6.4kWh of storage. On average this system will generate around 22 units per day.

If you use 16 units of this power while the sun is shining, then 6 units go to the battery to use later. This means you are using all the power your system is producing.

Total savings are:

22 units (power used Inc. power fed to battery) x 25.7c (Synergy A1 tariff Inc. gst) = $5.65 per day

Total annual savings = $2062 per year

Example 2:  5kW solar PV system (no battery)

Now let’s look at the same system without the battery. Still generating 22 units per day, instead of sending the excess 6 units of power to the battery, you now send it to the grid. Synergy pays 7.13c per unit for this unused electricity.

Total savings are:

16 units (power used) x 25.7c (Synergy A1 tariff Inc. gst) = $4.11

+ 6 units (fed to grid) x 7.13c (Renewable Energy Buy Back rate) = .43c per day

$4.11 + .43c = $4.54 savings per day

Total annual savings = $1657 per year

What is the payback time?

The next thing we need to do is consider the cost of the two systems to determine the Return on Your Investment…Call us for your obligation free energy assessment.

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