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Avoid bill shock! Smart business people are choosing Solar. Massive reduction in overheads (short & long term) Healthy government incentives (reducing each year) Tax Incentives (take advantage of the $20k write off) Green Credentials (Good for business) Perth’s only ‘Multi 5 STAR Review Solar Company’ as rated by Google Clean NRG have been helping Perth businesses

Which solar battery will give the best value over time?

Which solar battery will give the best value over time? Here at Clean NRG Solar, we are often asked which is the best value for money Solar Battery Storage Solution available in Perth. Introducing the long-life home energy management system by Senec. Predicting the future: Which solar battery will give the best value over time?

Is time running out for Solar in Perth metro?

Is time running out for Solar in Perth metro? Western Power Solar rejections have begun and it is not just the beginning they are on the rise. Incase you are “Solar free” and have not experienced a Western Power approval process, this is the mandatory process of applying for the installation of a Solar system

FREE ENERGY – Could you be getting more?

FREE ENERGY – Could you be getting more and when is enough really enough? Are you actually maximising the savings generated by your Solar System? Fed up with sleepless nights agonising over your sky rocketing power bills and, if you do have a system installed, are the savings as high as they can be? Meet Mrs

WARNING STC price drop on the horizon

For several months it has seemed that something was brewing in the STC (Small Scale Technology) market. So what is an STC? Your Solar system, will be discounted by 1 STC for every Megawatt-hour of energy your system is expected generate until 2031. In monetary terms: a 6.6kWh system purchased in early 2017 would have

Solco / Motech Inverter Service or repairs

Clean NRG Solar repair and service Motech inverters in Perth If you are need of Solco / Motech inverter service or repairs in Perth, please phone Clean NRG Solar Service and Repair Division on 9244 9200 or email us at [email protected] Clean NRG Solar is an Authorised Service Centre for Solco / Motech inverter service or repairs in Perth. In addition

Are you dealing with a Clean Energy Council “Approved Solar Retailer”?

Why is it so important to deal with an Approved Solar Retailer when buying Solar in Perth? Signing the Solar retailer Code of Conduct has big benefits for you, your customers and the PV industry as a whole. “Since Clean NRG Solar signed on to the Clean Energy Council’s Code of Conduct, traffic has increased to