Solar Battery Storage

Light up Perth with Solar Battery Storage…

Clean NRG is at the forefront of Perth’s Battery Storage revolution.

Enjoy 24 hours of sun by powering your home around the clock with Solar energy.

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Thanks to the revolution in Solar Battery Storage, our vision is to “Light up Perth with Solar Battery Storage”. This storage solution turns the energy producer into the energy supplier, thus saving you money and freeing you from increasing energy costs.

These wall mounted home battery systems can be used to store excess solar production, allowing you to enjoy 24 hours of sun by powering your home around the clock with solar energy.

Here’s everything you need to know about Solar Battery Storage:

Tesla Powerwall 2

  • Compatible with most new and existing systems
  • 13.2 kW large capacity
  • Sleek design with backed up by a first-class, internationally renowned brand
  • State of the art monitoring app


  • Compatible with most new and existing systems
  • Able to charge from both Solar and the cheaper night rate power (2 cycles per day)
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in German
  • State of the art monitoring application
  • Single and three phase connect-ability


  • European designed and made first-class brand
  • Leaders in the inverter industry
  • Hybrid system requiring Fronius Hybrid Inverter, ideal for new installs
  • State of the art monitoring app

LG Chem

  • Manufactured by one of the worlds’ biggest, most reputable companies
  • Compact size
  • Available in AC and DC mode via various inverters


  • World leading brand
  • Hybrid system requiring Hybrid Delta Inverter, ideal for new installs
  • Great value for money
  • Power back up mode

We can customise a system to suit your energy consumption patterns whether you have an existing system or are starting from scratch.

Clean NRG Solar is an Authorised Reseller of the following world renowned Solar Battery Storage brands:

Frequently asked Questions


Can I upgrade my current Solar PV system to Solar Battery Storage?

We have a number of options available which will enable existing PV systems to be retrofitted.

Will it provide back up power when I have a black out?

A separate circuit can be installed in order to provide essential power, for example refrigeration, lighting, communications.

Can I see how much power I am using from the battery, solar or the grid at any particular time?

You can fully monitor your Solar Battery Storage System and customise your power consumption from your mobile phone.

What is in the installation process? 

This is not a DIY product it must be connected by a qualified “Clean Energy Council Approved Installer”. It is a Tesla Energy requirement to have Powerwall Solar Battery Storage systems installed by a ‘Tesla Authorised Installer’.

What will it cost and what is my ROI?

In investment terms, it can show up to 10% ROI (much better than money in the Bank). Finance options are available. i.e. Based on a 5 year plan the investment would be less than $100 per week, considering it could save you over $50 per week, your out of pocket could be less than $50 per week (how much do you spend each week on coffee?).